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[Feature Event] Devastation


Devastation is upon us. The Demon Corps have unveiled a previously unknown battleship variant dubbed the Legion, and it looks like they’re going to try to use our forces for target practice.

Demon Corps Event fleets level 27-65 will pay out between 740 and 110,000 points. This event will include NPC Base Attacks but there will be no Alien Incursions during Devastation.

Store info:

Prize Tier                          cost

Javelin Flagship Strongbox     2,000,000

Legion Battleship              1,500,000

Dominion Carrier               1,500,000

Covenant Cruiser               1,200,000

Valkyrie Carrier               1,200,000

Prize Tier III                   500,000

Prize Tier II                    200,000

Prize Tier I                      50,000

Elite T3-T4 Core Box             250,000

T3-T4 Core Box                    80,000

T2-T3 Core Box                    40,000

Gold Strongbox                    30,000

Silver Strongbox                  15,000

Component Prizes:

Archer Beam                    (Classic)

Brimstone Torpedo              (Classic)

Wormhole Blitz Drive          (Jumpship)

Wormhole Drive Type E         (Jumpship)

Bayonet Missile Turret            (Base)

Gemini Driver Turret              (Base)

Extra points can be exchanged for resources at the standard event rate of 200/200/80

New Prize Details:

DC Legion Hybrid Battleship Mk1 1png

Legion Battleship

The Legion Battleship is a variant of the Demon Corps Hellfire Battleship designed to emulate alien hive siege combat principles.

Health:                  2025

Max Mass:               6,660t

Cargo:                175,800t

Speed:                  150m/s

Turning:              6.0deg/s

Strafe:                  50m/s

Sector Speed:          240AU/h

VEGA Javelin Flagship Mk1png

Javelin Flagship Strongbox:

Contains everything needed to craft a Mk.1 instance VEGA Javelin Jumpship, including the pattern. Can be redeemed up to 7 times.

Javelin Mk1 Stats:

Health:             6000

Max Mass:          6,500t

Cargo:           650,000t

Speed:             180m/s

Turning:        6.0 deg/s

Strafe:             50m/s

Sector Speed:    240 AU/h

Wormhole Blitz Drive lvl3png

Wormhole Blitz Drive

The Wormhole Blitz Drive is an enhanced drive that allows the Javelin Flagship to boost the shield penetration of its escorts for a short time after jumping.

          I       II       III

Mass:    300t    400t      500t

Escort:            4

Warmup:   10s      8s        6s

Cooldown:         60s

Min. Range:        1AU

Jump Bonus 

Duration: 10s     15s       20s

Repair Time:      10hr

Wormhole Drive Type-Epng

Wormhole Drive Type-E

The Wormhole Drive Type-E is an enhanced drive that allows a greater number of escorts to accompany the Javelin Flagship.

           I       II       III

Mass:    300t    400t      500t

Escort:    6       8        10

Warmup:   10s      8s        6s

Cooldown: 60s     45s       30s

Min. Range:        1AU

Repair Time:      10hr

Gemini Driver Turret lvl 3png

Gemini Driver Turret

The Gemini Driver Turret is a double-barreled Projectile weapon that trades range for extra damage. Firing two rounds increases the odds of hitting a target.

          I       II       III

Mass:    460t    759t     1518t

DPS:      64     112       234

Range:        2400-9000m

Speed:          1800m/s

Bayonet Missile Turret lvl 3png

Bayonet Missile Turret

The Bayonet Missile Turret is a unique Explosive turret weapon developed by the Iron Star Company. It is capable of penetrating multiple targets, causing explosions as it goes.

         I       II       III

Mass:    541t    947t     1657t

DPS:      54      99       182

Range:        2600-9500m

Speed:          1600m/s

AOE:             400m/s

Spread:           18 deg

Piercing:          3

Classic Prizes:

  • Archer Beam
  • Brimstone Torpedo

Gold Prize Boxes have a chance at one of the following (listed from most to least likely drop chance):

Gatling Ray I, II, or III

Binary Thrusters I, II, or III

Zeal Battleship

Lance Destroyer

Komodo Cutter

Valhalla Carrier

Silver Prize Boxes have a chance at one of the following (listed from most to least likely drop chance):

Wave Driver I, II, or III

Spectral Warheads I, II, or III

Condor Frigate

Dread Battleship

Gharial Cutter

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