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[Feature Event] Devastation


Devastation is upon us. The Demon Corps have unveiled a previously unknown battleship variant dubbed the Legion, and it looks like they’re going to try to use our forces for target practice.

Demon Corps Event fleets level 27-65 will pay out between 740 and 110,000 points. This event will include NPC Base Attacks but there will be no Alien Incursions during Devastation.

Store info:

Prize Tier                          cost

Javelin Flagship Strongbox     2,000,000

Legion Battleship              1,500,000

Dominion Carrier               1,500,000

Covenant Cruiser               1,200,000

Valkyrie Carrier               1,200,000

Prize Tier III                   500,000

Prize Tier II   ...

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Januar Kalender

3. Januar: Corinthian RIOT

8. Januar: Civil War

10. Januar: Downtime/Maintenance

13. Januar: Alien Mobilization

16. Januar: Hurricane RIOT

20. Januar: FEATURE EVENT: Devastation

27. Januar: Alien Decimation

31. Januar: Civil War

2. Februar: Downtime/Maintenance

…to be continued


[RIOT] Corinthian returns 03.01-05.01.2017

Preise                                   Punkte

Corinthian Cruiser            1,250,000

Gemini Driver III                 650,000

Aurora Ray III                       650,000

Gemini Driver II                    150,000

Aurora Ray II                         150,000

Gemini Driver I                        12,500

Aurora Ray I                             12,500